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  • The partnership between Northwestern and the Cubs is a five-year deal. For now, it includes football, baseball, and lacrosse, but could eventually include all 19 varsity sports.
  • A football game at Wrigley will happen once field renovations have occurred. That will not be in 2013, but 2014 appears to be the target date. While the deal does last five years, it includes five football games, meaning games will happen beyond the five-year span.
  • Jim Phillips had plenty to say about his excitement. "Chicago, what better place to do it than in Chicago? It’s the greatest sports city in the country." Later, he expanded on the marketing aspect. "We have to do innovative things, we have to do creative things. … We need to find, identify, and work in Chicago.
  • Phillips later said: "We want to bring interesting and meaningful opportunities for fans—fans all over the Big Ten." An example of that is Nebraska transplant Tom Ricketts, the Cubs chairman. He said: "It works great that Northwestern has made such a great marketing campaign and really grown their fan base."
  • All parties reflected on the success of the first Wrigley game in 2010. Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney said: "We pulled it off, with one exception, quite well." Added Phillips, referring to the Ricketts battle with the city for Wrigley events: "I hope that gives you some ammunition moving forward."
  • Who will be Northwestern's opponent for the next Wrigley football game? Jim Phillips hasn't begun to plan that, citing Big Ten expansion and schedule uncertainty as the key issue. He did, however, say this: "I want to be really clear: this is our home game and we’re going to select who we play against."
  • Look for plenty more from PurpleWildcats on the historic partnership between the Cubs and Wildcats.
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